Monday, January 3, 2011


BIG NEWS!! Ellen In Medicaland is now on Kindle for $4.99. Written with wit and a keen understanding of the medical profession, Ellen In Medicaland is sixteen chapters of compelling reading that you will be unable to put down.

A memoir of Ellen's off-the-wall experiences as a caregiver and a patient at a Harvard-teaching hospital, Ellen In Medicaland tells of the insanity that Ellen and her mother endured there. You will laugh and you will cry - this is a reading experience that you should not miss. So get a copy and sit down with a good cup of coffee - or a strong drink - and read until your eyes bug out of your head.

Ellen's experiences are truly Twilight Zone time - there are many aliens in this hospital - which definitely do not speak in any language that you or I have ever heard before!! So, settle down and get ready for a really bumpy ride in the medical universe.